Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 English Schools Cross Country

16th March 2013 - A great result for my daughter Katie - 4th place in the Inter Girls race, she ran a very smart race and came through the field as the race progressed, cementing her 4th place in the final half mile.  Winner Annabel Mason is a GB Mountain running international and Harriet Knowles-Jones, winner of the u15 Inter Counties XC was second.

Katie now gets to run for England in the Home Countries  International match being held in Llandelio, Wales  on 23rd March.

My son Alex as not so fortunate as he was spiked early on and half lost his shoe and sustained a cut to his heel - fortunately only superficial. He finished 151st.  Danyy Ray was solid with 93rd in the Inter Boys and Ed Mason had a great run for 61st in the Junior Boys.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Blizzard

A red weather warning was issued on Sunday for the impending blizzard on Monday, so I packed plenty of options for my Monday commute and left for swimming on the MTB at just before 7:00.  Snow had started falling but the sleet and rain that had preceded it meant that it wasn't yet sticking. 

The wind was up though and it was a slog into the wind on the MTB.  As the morning progressed so it got windier and the snow started to stick, then trees came down, the buses stopped running and finally the schools closed.   The children came to my work first and then headed off to walk home in the blizzard.

By the time I left for home there was anywhere between 4 and 6" of snow on the ground and massive snow drifts piling up from the wind around the island, blocking roads and stranding cars.  My ride home was quite uneventful, I stopped and took some photos', didn't fall off and went off roading down the muddy lane - now the snowy lane.

A little more snow on Tuesday and the island was in lock down so I walked into work.  A van was stuck in the lane opposite our house penned in by roof high snow drifts front and back.  The children had great fun playing in the snow.  I tried out my YakTrax shoe snow chains and found they worked really well as the pavement snow became compacted.  Worked out in a quiet gym at lunchtime and enjoyed the walk home as the wind was easing and behind me.  Spent a rare evening in front of the telly watching a film.

The airport remained shut till Wednesday afternoon and displaced people are finally getting back to the Island.  Certainly it was a blizzard to remember - 5 days later and roads are still blocked by drifts, 66 trees are reported to have come down - it seems to be mainly conifers or evergreens whose foliage caught the snow and the wind did the rest.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013 Inter Counties - March 9th Cofton Park, Birmingham

It was a pretty good showing by the Guernsey athletes but as always there are some ups and downs. Louise Perrio had probably her finest cross country race to place 20th, just 90 seconds down on international marathoner Louise Damon, and just 60 secs down on Steph Twell (5th). Good packing, including Sarah Mercier's 41st place gave Hampshire the team win. To be disappointed with 10th place in the u15girls race show's my daughter's high expectations - she put herself in the right place in the first 1/3rd of the race but could not follow through. Consolation prize is being called up for the South East England team for the Virgin London Mini Marathon. My son Alex produced the best performance of the season with 20th place in the u13boys race - first Hampshire finisher. The race is so competitive that just 10 seconds faster would have put him the in top 10. The upcoming Danny Ray who I am coaching finished 27th in the u15boys - a great performance for his first year.