Friday, October 30, 2015

Herm Yoga retreat with PowerYoga Guernsey

Had a great weekend in Herm helping out with a Yoga retreat run by my good friend Caroline Wickham.  My job was to help out with some outdoor activities between yoga classes and scrummy food. First up was a morning run round most of the Island.

There's a variety of terrain in such a small island with the mostly flat north featuring common, sand dunes and the vast expanse of Shell Beach.  The there is the cliff path which is undulating and with a few sections of steps and then finally the inland paths.  And none of it on tarmac. I was nursing a recovering calf tear so a nice gentle run with a couple of ladies was a good rehab for me.

I shot a bit of video - hope you like it.

Next up was a exploration of the island via Geocaches.  If you've not heard of Geocaching then it is basically a treasure hunt by GPS.  There's a stack of them on the island so we had a good walk around looking for them.  We found all bar one which we were looking for.

Herm is very photogenic - even on a less than perfect day I October - I took a few snaps and posted them to my flickr - take a look here.

With morning and evening yoga sessions from Friday night through to Sunday lunchtime, some great food and company it proved to be a very enjoyable weekend.  Caroline's retreats get fully booked so expect next year's to be popular too.  Check out her website - the next Herm ones will be th elast 2 weekends in October 2016.

Link: PowerYoga Guernsey