Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cross Country Season

Autumn comes around and my thoughts turn to being competitive in the local FNB Cross Country League.  Of course each year as I get older, being competitive starts to take an on a new meaning.  My expectation is also associated with a caveat according to how fit and healthy I have been.

This year's campaign started with a decent race at Delancey Park - I like racing three miles, but I felt fairly flat but still managed a reasonable performance in 5th place behind people I'd probably expect to get beaten by - some quick 1500mtrs runners. 

Sadly that was the onset of a bit of illness that caused me to sit out race 2 as I was still full of cold.  I don't really think I had recovered by the time race 3 came around and it was perhaps one of the most uncomfortable racing experiences I have had - slogging a long with no real energy.  Still 6th place at least means I have put some points on the board.

I've managed some better training since then and 5th place in race 4 was a pleasing outcome.  To move up in my league position will be difficult over the last two fixtures - Home Farm and Boxing Day, but at least there is something to aim for.