Monday, September 30, 2013

World Triathlon Champs 2013 - London

Non Stanford strides out to win, Anna Haug a long way back
Saturday morning - elite women and a British winner. Would one of the Brownlee's do the same the next day.

Race kit
All prep'd for the race.

Surprise !
Cold air temps lead to the swim being shortened.

Huge transition
Think this was the biggest transition I have been in yet.

Starting the long run through T1
Which meant a really long run from swim to bike - time to get warm.

Biking past Buckingham Palace

The bike leg was quick - two laps round Hyde Park and down the Embankment went in a flash. Hit good power numbers so pleased with the way I executed the bike leg. Picked up a good few places - only passed by a couple. Loving the Boardman.

 Run was strong, but not super - not surprising giving the run training that I had missed.  Gained more places.

 The finish - 12th place in Age Group - 3rd Brit = satisfied.

 The rain come down in the afternoon but still great crowds that saw a thrilling men's race won by Javier Gomez.