Friday, May 31, 2013

Boardman Air TT off to it's first tri at Deva

Blue skies and clam seas - van loaded with bike for trip to Deva Triathlon in Chester - with Jon Greenfield and meeting Ian Le Pelley there.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bronzed !

The sun shone at the Hampshire Track & Field Championships and with a combination of weak field and a steady pacing strategy I was able to plod my way through to bronze medal in the 5,000mtrs in 16:03.52  A pleasing time ahead of Deva Triathlon next weekend.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Early season road races

Now I am dropped down to Div2 I am a bit more competitive - in my first race of the year - 6 laps of Reservoir I was able to get off the front of the group a few times, bridge across to a break, but it was only the last lap attack with Paul Brehaut that stuck.  We worked together well until my legs blew and then I drfited back and he hung on for the win, whilst I just about sprinted to stay clear of the bunch - see first picture.

Second road race of the year was Liberation Day and 6 laps of L'Eree with the big boys.  After a 'neutralised' first lap things took off and the Div 1 riders and Nathan Gosling disappeared up the road.  The Div2 bunch broke up a few times and again only the last climb of the Imperial caused the last selection.  This time despite great work from Dave Crosland we could not dislodge Chris Le Page who duly went on to win the sprint from our bunch and the Div2 prize - I was third.

Fab photos from Serena Tremlett.  Top - working with Dave Crosland on the Imperial Climb - Liberation Day, bottom sprinting for 2nd on the Reservoir

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rennes Triathlon 5th May - 11th place

First tri of the year - Olympic Distance, drafting race in Rennes.  We had a really warm day, the lake which I was worried was going to be cold was in fact quite warm and pleasant.  Shame I failed to make the correct turn on the second lap of the swim after dropping off the back of a group - cost me some time but I felt I swam well.

There's a long transition to pick up the bike and ten a rapid 6 lap drafting bike course. Legs felt great was was consciously trying to hold back but the trouble was as I started lapping people so they would jump on but not be able to contribute much.  One chap I caught who was on the same lap as me was doing his turns but not good enough so I had to ditch him and jump away rather than give him a nice ride to the finish.

Out on the run my legs were really feeling spenty and it felt like a death march, but it was 6th fastest run and I only dropped one place so it wasn't that bad.  11th place overall and 2nd vet, first V2.

The rest of the Guernsey guys did well - Gail King won the overall women' s race, James Gower was 20th and Sean Murphy in his first away race was mid field.  Jersey laid down an ominous marker with their guys coming out of the swim first with Tom Perchard going on to place 4th, Doc Snook 7th. The following day was warm and sunny again and we enjoyed a cafe ride out to Combourg and back. 
(Pictures by Ian Scholes)