Monday, October 24, 2016

Back to Herm - time to rejuvenate and burn your furniture

Herm Yoga, Well Being & Aging Gracefully retreat with PowerYoga Guernsey

Just spent the weekend helping out my friend Caroline with her Herm Yoga retreat.  This year's theme was wellbeing and ageing gracefully and in addition to yoga we enjoyed some talks and practicals from a physical therapist whose ethos stems from the fundamental point that modern living is in conflict with our evolution as a biped.  Sitting in chairs, he claims, is literally killing us as we didn't evolve to sit on chairs and peer into screens.  We evolved walking, running, squatting, crawling, sitting and laying on the ground.  Burn your furniture, move more, move randomly, challenge yourself.

The talk was really interesting, the audience was captivated, the physical session of practicing exaggerated and different movement patterns to reawaken the primary functions of our body was great fun too.  Glen works with Philip Beach and his website provides some more insight.

Added to that the menu over the weekend had been especially selected to emphasis the selections of foods that promote well being and ageing gracefully.

We were blessed with a gorgeous Saturday - sunny and warm.  The day began with meditation followed by a flow yoga class.  After breakfast and a little relaxation another runner and I took a group out for a little run and afterwards on the high tide we went for a swim.  After lunch I led another group for a walk around the island hunting for some geocache's and soon after it was time for the Budukon class.

The sunset was quite special, I managed to catch it with a time lapse on my GoPro.

And also some general views of the island and what we did between the sessions.

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